HELP TAKE A STAND!! This is Step 2…
The bill HB1156 to impose a tax on e-cigs and to create the e-cig tax act has been assigned to the House Rules Committee so PLEASE EMAIL OR CALL the list of committee members listed and ask them to vote NO if it comes to their committee…Be nice about it but lets get on the wagon to do what we can to stop this!!
James Ratliff- dist 60 501-454-5200

Laurie Rushing dist 26- 501-545-6066- laurie,

James Sturch dist 63 -870-612-7589-

DeAnn Vaught- dist 4- 870-832-2638-

Mark Lowery dist 39 – 501-837-5221 –

Kelley Linck dist 99–

Monte Hodges dist. 55- 870-281-6878-

Bill Gossage- dist 82- 479-667-2122-

Deborah Ferguson- dist 51- 870-735-7098-

Jon S Eubanks- dist 74- 479-438-0533-

Les Eaves- dist 46- 501-827-1344-

Mary Broadaway- dist 57- 870-236-9800-

David L Branscum- dist 83- 870-448-2408-

Anyd Davis- dist 31- 501-83-5109-

John T Vines- dist 25- 501-624-1252-

Together we can do this!
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